The Christian Mental Health Network was birthed out of a group called the Lowcountry Christian Counseling Professionals, which was started by Dr. Angel Weaver in 2010.  As the group began to meet regularly, it became apparent to several members that there is a need for a formal network among Christian mental health practitioners.  This network is designed to provide those working in the mental health field, and those interested in mental health issues with information, support and professional development from a Christian perspective.

The Lowcountry Chapter of CMHN began in August 2012. Since that time other chapters have begun development. If you are interested in starting a CMHN chapter in your community in South Carolina, please contact us at: info@cmhnet.net.

We are thankful that you have taken the time to check us out.  If we can provide any additional information, please feel free to contact us at: info@cmhnet.net

Our Purpose:


The primary purpose of CMHN is to meet the common needs and concerns of Christian Mental Health Professionals throughout South Carolina by:

a. Promoting the professionalism of Christian Mental Health Professionals throughout South Carolina through the application of professional standards of practice.

b. Providing ongoing professional development, training, and educational activities for Christian mental health professionals.

c. Serving as a resource of ideas and information relevant to Christian mental health professionals.

d. Educating the Christian community regarding mental health issues, mental health counseling and services and CMHN’s role in these endeavors.

e. Consulting and coordinating with other related professionals in order to better serve the needs of clients, their communities and throughout South Carolina.

If you are interested in learning more about CMHN we suggest you view the following pages:

Statement of Faith

Core Values

Ethical Foundations

CMHN Bylaws

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